Direct Supervisor: Team Supervisor, Tile Setter
Indirect Supervisor: Genral Manager, Operations Manager, Installation Coordinator


Assists the Tile Setter in the installation of ceramic, mosaic, quarry, porcelain and stone tile in accordance with Tile Council of America handbook, local practices and company policies.


  1. Loads work vehicle with rough materials, tools, and tile and unloads at the jobsite.
  2. Prepares work areas with rough in materials, tile saw, hand tools and water buckets.
  3. Mixes and supplies mortars and adhesives for the Tile Setter, while keeping work area and tools clean and organized.
  4. Prepares previous days work for grouting, completes grouting process while insuring the job is properly cleaned, and all debri removed.
  5. Assists Tile Setter as needed.
  6. Roughs in next days job
  7. Cleans up jobsite and loads tile saw, hand tools and left over materials onto truck.
  8. Reports any process and equipment problems.
  9. Organizes work for smooth operations.
  10. Ensures that established policies, rules, regulations, and procedures are followed.
  11. Responsible for all processes, equipment, employees, safety, and housekeeping of the work area, and upholding quality standards of the job.
  12. Returns all unused tile and material to the warehouse.
  13. Maintains thorough knowledge of all procedures and equipment used for installation.

Equipment:  Work Truck, Forklift, Pallet Jack, tile saw, power tools, scaffolding, and miscelanious hand tools.


  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Driver is responsible for vehicle maintanance sheets for the truck.

Job Description

This description reflects the principal functions of the job for the purpose of job evaluation.  It should not be construed as giving exclusive responsibility for every function described.


  • Good math, language, reading skills.
  • Ability to read a tape measure.
  • Responsible with equipment and vehicles.
  • Clean driving record (no property damage accidents, or DUIs within the past three years).
  • Good vision, and normal hearing range.
  • Good physical condition, able to lift up to 100 lbs. safely. Requires bending, stooping, kneeling, balancing, and reaching.
  • Good eye/hand coordination and good motor skills.
  • Must be dependable, reliable, and mature enough to handle equipment safely and sensibly.
  • Must have reliable transportation.
  • Requires all hand tools needed to perform work.


  1. Strong analytical, numerical, and reasoning abilities.
  2. Advocates team concept.
  3. Well-developed interpersonal skills.  Ability to get along with diverse personalities.  Tactful, mature.
  4. Ability to establish credibility and be decisive—but able to recognize and support the organization’s preferences and priorities.
  5. Satisfactory communication skills, written and verbal.